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Kluttz tire & service center has been the leading tire repair provider in locust, nc for years. Flat or Damaged Tire? We Can FIX It! Along the road, your car may hit all sorts of things like broken glass, rock, tree branch, or anything that may puncture the tire. When your tires are damaged, you may be stuck thinking whether tire repair or replacement is needed. If you’re caught helpless on the road because of a flat or damaged car, you can count on our team for quick and dependable help.

At Kluttz Tire & Service Center, we provide long-term repairs for your tire that last for years. We can fix any tire damage–no matter how complex it is. We understand that a flat tire can be very inconvenient and costly, that’s why we make sure to deliver repair services that bring out the best out of your investment. We’ll assess your tires and see what caused the damage. Let our tire professionals handle the job for best results.

During our tire repair service in Stanfield, NC, we’ll evaluate all parts of your tire and check if we can restore it while following strict industry standards. All our technicians are skilled, trained, and experienced to work on repairs within the allotted time frame. Our tire repair services are backed with satisfaction guarantee, so you can rest assured knowing that you’re working with a reliable service provider.

We’ll Get You Back on The Road

Friendly staff, quality service, and honest pricing—these are three of the best reasons why you should trust us for tire repair services. For many years, we have been working with certified and experienced technicians who know how to find their way around the services we offer. In all that we do, we ensure to follow the industry’s guidelines and standards–whether we’re doing repairs or maintenance. Plus, we make everything easy and accessible for our customers–from scheduling an appointment to actual service.

Over time, we have earned thousands of loyal customers because we treat them as our priority, not a source of profit. We value your time and investment, so we guarantee that your vehicle is ready for use when we say it. When you leave the job to us, you’ll end up saving money and enjoying more travels with your newly repaired car.

Watch Out for Signs of Tire Damage

If you suspect something is odd with your vehicle and you just don’t feel quite right driving your car, the problem could be in the tires and it may need repairs sooner or later. Riding on a damaged or flat tire does no good for your car.

Here are trouble signs to look for:

  • Cuts or cracks on the sidewalls of the tire, which may be caused by hitting a large object
  • Bent tire rims, which could be the result of bumping to a large, hard object down the road
  • Leaks under the car
  • You hear noises from your car’s exhaust system,
  • Debris embedded on the tread
  • Worn-out tread wear indicator bars
  • Blusters and blisters on the tire
  • Excessive vibration

Call Us For Professional Tire Repair Services!

In terms of tire repairs, you can’t just trust anyone to do the job. What you need is an experienced professional who can solve all your tire issues quickly and efficiently. Kluttz Tire & Service Center is your trusted tire repair company that takes out your worries on the road. We’re here to help you with emergency tire repair in your local area, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy inside your car.

Our Car Tire Repair Services

At Kluttz Tire & Service Center, we offer comprehensive car tire repair services, such as:

  • Tire Check & Inspection: Damaged steering, minor misalignment or tire suspension can be hard to catch, especially if you’re an expert. This is why it helps to have someone to evaluate the level of damage to your tire. At Kluttz Tire & Service Center, we provide complete tire check and inspection to your car before we start fixing it. We’ll conduct a series of tests to prevent costly repairs during the process. Our highly skilled technicians have you covered from the start to finish.
  • Flat Tire Repair: Problems with flat tire? Worry no more! Kluttz Tire & Service Center got your back! Whatever it is that caused your tires to get flat, we can address it and restore your car in no time. We’ll repair the leak immediately, and apply a sealant that keeps the pressure on the tire. Trust us for flat tire repair and experience the difference!
  • Tire Rotation: Tire rotation is a must for your car. Not only does it help increase your tire’s lifespan, but it also saves you from trouble on the road. With routine tire rotation, the wear is distributed evenly on the four tires, thus, extending the life of your tires for years. It also improves handling performance on the part of the owner.If you need a periodic tire rotation service, don’t hesitate to contact our pros at Kluttz Tire & Service Center. We’re familiar with all the recommended rotation patterns that match the needs of your car. We’ll be more than glad to lend you a hand on things we’re experts in.
  • Tire Mounting & Tire Balancing: At Kluttz Tire & Service Center, we can take care of your tire mounting needs. All our technicians are highly trained to know the ins and outs that come with tire mounting. For instance, if you purchase two tires, it’s necessary that the new ones are installed in the rear. So, when you need to mount a new set of tires, our team will be there to extend help.But take note, we don’t just install your tire, we also balance it. We make sure that the weight is evenly distributed to all tires. Improperly mounted and unbalanced tires can lead to accidents or even death. Don’t just trust anybody to do this task. Call in our tire experts for professional tire mounting and balancing services.
  • Tire Inflation: Keeping your vehicle’s tire properly inflated to its recommended pressure ensures your safety. Underinflated tires are common issue for vehicles, and it’s not surprising that you experience the same. It can cause internal tire damage, or complete tire failure if not addressed immediately. With this, it’s important to check tire pressure regularly with the help of a pro.Our auto mechanics at Kluttz Tire & Service Center perform expert tire inflation service using quality pressure gauge. We adhere to recommended inflation pressures to prevent accidents and serious damage to your tire and car. We make sure to match the tire inflation pressure to your vehicle.

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