Auto Repair Services Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a new tire if I have a nail in it?

If the nail is in the tread of the tire, not the sidewall, then most likely we can offer a tire repair service. We have 2 tire repair options: Tire Patch, Tire Plug, or a Tire Patch/Plug Combo.

How do I know when I need an alignment?

There’s a couple of things that should trigger your want for an alignment, or at lest an alignment check. New tires, your vehicle is pulling to the right or left, uneven tire tread wear, or your steering wheel is off center are all reasons to get your alignment checked. We gladly offer FREE car alignment checks.

How do you know when your car needs brakes?

When breaking do you hear a squealing noise, a clicking noise, or does your brake pedal vibrate when pressed? All of these are signs that new brakes are needed. If you aren’t sure, we offer free brake inspections.

Do you fill tires with air or nitrogen?

We fill all of our tires with air.

How often do you really need to change your oil?

Depending on if you use synthetic, regular, or a blend oil will determine how often you should get an oil change. Just be sure to ask one of our representatives at the time of your oil change service.

Do you really need to rotate your tires?

The short answer, yes! Tire rotation allows your tread to wear evenly, which prolongs the lifetime of your tires.

What is the NAPA AutoCare Center Program?

NAPA certifies the best in class tire companies that provide integrity, high qualifications, and specialties for all of their clients.

Do you offer discounts for any of your services?

We pride ourselves on offering affordable prices and the highest quality of services, which means we do not offer discounts. But, if you are shopping for tires, we do offer rebates for select brands. Call us today to ask about our tire rebate programs.

Do you offer lifetime rotation, balance, and repairs for tires bought from your store?

When purchasing 4 new tires from Kluttz Tire & Service Center, we proudly offer free rotation for lifetime of the tires, & discounted balancing.

Do you offer road hazard for tires?

Unfortunately we do not. However, all new tires do come with a manufacture warranty and we proudly offer quick and reliable tire repair services

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