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Licensed Car Inspections in Locust, NC and Nearby Areas

For any car that’s out on the road, vehicle inspection plays a vital role. When you have your car inspected, it ensures your safety and everyone else on the road while driving.

At Kluttz Tire & Service Center, we have been providing complete car inspection in Locust, Stanfield, Midland, Red Cross, Oakboro, Fairview, NC and the surrounding areas. Our professional technicians do a detailed analysis of your vehicle and share observations and findings with you. We have the tools, skills, and experience needed to identify the issue with your vehicle.

All our services are backed with 100% satisfaction guarantee, no hassle scheduling, and quality workmanship. We don’t settle for anything less for our customers, so every car inspection is guaranteed safe and reliable.

Bring Your Car For A Full Safety Inspection Today!

State car inspection is required by law and that’s something to be done by an insured car inspection company in your local area. This inspection guarantees that your car is running safely. If you’re looking for affordable and quick car inspection, trust only our experts at Kluttz Tire & Service Center. We’ll run all the necessary tests, examine all your car’s components, and provide you the seal of approval.

Certified Inspectors

All of Kluttz Tire & Service Center technicians in North Carolina are insured, bonded, and certified to perform car inspections and emission tests. Our team uses a variety of manual tests and devices to examine the safety of your vehicle. We make sure to hire only qualified individuals to join our team.

Quick & Reliable Safety Inspections

The worst part of not having regular vehicle inspections is that you won’t have the slightest idea about the issue when something went wrong with your car. This is why car inspection is vital to make sure your vehicle is in safe operation conditions and limit the risks of accidents and other detrimental situations. State car inspections include checking of the following parts:

  • Accessory lights
  • Foot brake
  • Headlight
  • Parking brake
  • Directional and emergency signals
  • Steering and windshield wipers
  • Horn and seatbelts
  • Rear vision mirrors
  • Transmission and battery
  • Coolant level and brake fluid level

Kluttz Tire & Service Center carries out comprehensive car inspections with your safety in mind. This is why we make sure that every component of your car is thoroughly checked and maintained at a professional level. We understand how important car inspections are and how costly they can be even one element of your vehicle is overlooked. For expert car inspection, don’t hesitate to call Kluttz Tire & Service Center!

Prompt & Quality Emission Testing

The state of North Carolina is serious about fighting the greenhouse effect of ozone emissions from gasoline or fuel-operated vehicles. Kluttz Tire & Service Center provides dependable emission testing services that are designed to keep your car’s control working properly. A car emission test verifies if your vehicle emits too much pollution in the air or not. During the emission test, one of our certified mechanics will evaluate your vehicle’s tail pipe emissions, then measure the amount of nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen present. Our emission inspection includes an on-board diagnostic (OBD) to ensure all emission components are operating properly.

When Should You Have Your Car Inspected?

You’ll know it when your car started acting strangely. In that case, you should have your car examined, especially if the steering seems to be working erratically or the engine isn’t producing the same output as it should. Remember, when your car signals trouble underneath the hood, you must call for inspections immediately to get you back on the road. Ignoring these signs could lead to more damage, which may become a major safety hazard. With this, it’s very important to bring your vehicle into a nearby car inspection company for appropriate solutions.

Benefits of Car Inspection

There’s no greater feeling then getting a car and to start driving it on the road. But over time, you know that you have to deal with wear, breakdowns, and other problems that can rack up a repair bill. This is why car inspection is a good thing to invest in, considering the benefits that come with it, such as the following:

  • Peace of Mind: If your car is regularly maintained and inspected, you can drive worry-free on the road knowing your car is working fine. You won’t have to think about the notion of faulty parts and the money involved to fix them.
  • Bigger Problems are Prevented: Some components of your car may break if not fixed immediately. With routine car inspection, your auto mechanic can solve existing issues and prevent them from getting worse. By knowing the condition of your car, you won’t be left on the other side of the road with a serious problem.
  • Your Car Lives Longer: The main goal of comprehensive car inspection is to diagnose your vehicle for existing and potential issues. It ensures your safety while keeping your car in good working condition. If done right, your car will serve you longer than expected. Getting your car inspected is always a good thing as it can be a life saver in the long run. If your car starts to show signs of malfunctions, you know it’s time to call in an expert auto technician for complete vehicle inspection.

Get state car inspection at the best prices only from Kluttz Tire & Service Center. You won’t go wrong when you choose us for your needs. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

FAQS About Emission Test

Generally, a vehicle is allowed to give off only a certain amount of emissions. With emission testing, your vehicle is hooked up to an onboard diagnostic device. This electronic device will monitor the emission control system of your car and make sure it’s functioning properly.
You should check with your state or city if your car is still subject for emission, as older cars in some states may be exempted from tests. It’s actually a case-to-case basis, so be sure you know the rules in your area.
If your vehicle fails the test, it’s a sign that something is wrong with your car’s emission control system and an urgent repair might be required. The problem could be the mechanical system or engine, and will need to be repaired to pass inspection.
There’s actually no sense on doing that. If your car has failed the test, going from one facility to another won’t produce different results. However, getting a second opinion won’t hurt, so it depends on you if you want to pursue it.
Yes. It’s an indicator of failure or malfunction on your vehicle’s emissions controls. Feel free to talk to us about your concerns and questions about emission testing. Our customer representatives are always on the line to assist you with your needs.

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